Managing the sewer network of the City of Meschede

On January 1st, 2008, the Ruhrverband took charge of gathering and transferring sewage for treatment in the municipal area of Meschede in accordance with section 4 [1] of the Ruhrverband statutes. Technical and organisational management of the sewer network is taken care of by the RWG with due regard to the provisions of the self-control regulation for operators of sewer systems (SüwVKan ). The Arnsberg branch is in charge of management control and coordination. All operational activity is carried out by locally based skilled personnel which has a vehicle specially geared to sewer operation at its disposal. Besides structural maintenance of sewage installations, monitoring 81 special facilities such as stormwater sedimentation tanks, stormwater holding tanks, stormwater overflows, pump stations, and siphons constitutes one management priority.

Shortly after takeover of the sewer network, various synergies could be achieved. Staff redundancies in monitoring indirect dischargers, for instance, could be eliminated and the approval process for discharging commercial or industrial sewage into the public sewer network was shortened. An investment programme is being implemented timely while local presence is strengthened to be closer to the citizens.

Thanks to the implementation of the Ruhrverband partnership model jointly with the City of Meschede, the following improvements were achieved after only two years of operation:

  • enhanced water pollution abatement thanks to better plant operation,
  • stable charges,
  • better value retention of the sewer network thanks to investment in new and existing facilities.